We are Locked to the 3D World

The world around you.

The world you live in.

The people, places, things and circumstances in your life are a creation of your being. 

If the life you have is not ideal. If it is not resonating with your existence, or if it is so much of a struggle to go day-to-day, then it is entirely possible that your creation ability has been hijacked. 

And you are not alone! 

We are all creating this reality together!

A vast majority of the people living on this planet are creating a reality that is not conducive to the continued existence of humanity and the course of human destiny. 

But that is why you are here! This is what we are doing here.

By discovering the transcendent nature of your being, you are taking back control over your mind ,your life, your being and your existence. You are showing the others around you that is is possible. 

In order to do that, you need to better understand what your transcendent nature is, how you can use it, and the rules of its operation. 

In this introductory course we will be exploring: 

  • The Layers of Reality & Shadow Manifestation
  • The Three Assumptions & Developing Metaconsciousness
  • The Rules of Multidimensional Being & The Five Roads of Transcendence

By understanding these things, and putting the techniques I give to you into motion, you will start to make massive changes in your life, your awareness, and your understanding of the world.

Those changes will become reflected in your actions, beliefs, feelings, thoughts, and behaviors which will be reflected back to you, through synchronicities in your day-to-day life. 

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