What would you do if you encountered an unusual spiritual being?

Would you know how to communicate with it?

Would you know what it wanted?

The non-physical realms of existence can be a confusing place to navigate, even for the intrepid explorer of spiritual connections.

We share a world with a vast diversity of subtle beings

These beings range from souls of the departed to nature spirits, and creatures we can scarcely fathom.

Each have their own unique way of communicating

Each have their motivations

Each have their reasons for existence

Many of these entities may share residence in your home, enter your sacred spaces, or visit you in your dreams.

Most of them are harmless, others may not be.

It is best to know what these beings are and what they want.
First, we will discuss your various subtle senses (like clairvoyance, how you can tap into these gifts, and how you can use these senses to communicate with these beings.

Then, we will explore many of the various types of astral beings and subtle entities that you can encounter in seance, paranormal investigations, your home, and locations where the veil between worlds is the thinnest.

This Includes...

Dead People:

  • What happens to the soul at the time of death
  • Revenants- fractured souls
  • Shades – hungry spirits
  • Intact souls – when a person crosses over
  • Ascended souls – the effects of spiritual practice
  • Recently deceased – how to help them
  • Animals – even your beloved pets have souls

Created Beings:

  • Thoughtforms – a very common form of haunting
  • Servitors – intentionally created beings
  • Tulpas – advanced created beings
  • Egregors – collectively created entities that can influence a lot of people 

Non-Corporeal Entities:

  • Ascended beings - advanced entities in other levels of existence
  • Guiding spirits – how they connect and help us
  • Shadow people – they are real, and may be different than you thought
  • Followers – many of us have these and don’t even know it
  • Nature spirits – naturally existing beings that are all around use
  • House spirits – the are in your home and can be very beneficial
  • Poltergeists – not quite a being, but can appear as one

Free Bonus: Before the Veil - Guided Practices

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Familiarize yourself with these techniques to ensure beneficial interactions with the paranormal.  

 Proper mindset and safe setting is essential for any workings with the paranormal. Whether it is for seance, paranormal investigation, or keeping your home safe.

These three practices have proven beneficial to many people in a wide range of circumstances in dealing with spiritual beings and entities.

  1. Grounding and Centering
  2. Dark Mind Meditation
  3. Setting Sanctuary
  4. Through a Mirror Darkly - Seance Music

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This information is more important now, than ever before! 

Many people, like you, are awakening to their gifts and the spiritual reality all around them. But, movies, T.V. shows, even our spiritual communities have been misleading us through generations of repeated misinformation. They taught us that the supernatural is full of negativity trying to harm us. This is not true!

We live in a paranormal reality where we share our existence with a wide range of beings and entities that are beneficial, offer guidance, and can help us in many ways.

In fact, as you will learn, there is almost nothing to fear from the supernatural, but so much to gain from it.

Do not let the fears of those who do not know the truth of the supernatural continue to dictate the course of your life.

You are awakening, you have amazing gifts you can tap into, and there is a vast world of beauty, wonder, and delight, all around you, just waiting for you to awaken to it.

If you are ready to step out of the shadows of the past, reclaim your power, and start getting to know your spiritual neighbors, then your time is now! 

Get instant access to the guide and start your safe exploration of the paranormal right away.